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Tsuie, Mao

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The continuation of life's perfection, starts with Tsuie

We persist in using all natural organic cultivation methods to farming through the safest extraction technique that leaves harmful residue behind.We extract the rare and precious active ingredients from the "No. 4 Hualien Kakorot", and bring the authentic excellence in its true and purest form to your home. Embrace the blossom, bloom into the sweet fruit of good health that the Tsuie Kakorot bears.

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Kakorot Capsules

By integrating an exclusive technology with the whole fruit essence of "No. 4 Hualien Kakorot" that not only increases the absorption rate of the effective components, but also eases fatigue and frailty caused by excessive sugar intake and poor metabolism. Reduce the heavy burdens of work-related social interactions, stabilize your metabolism, regulate physiological function, and maintain vigor and stamina.


Kakorot Liquid Capsules

Extracted from 100% "No. 4 Hualien Kakorot" seeds cultivated in an organic environment, and obtained through the hi-tech supercritical fluid extraction of 90 kakorot seeds, the most refined essence is wholly concentrated inside each capsule. Rich in highly concentrated bitter gourd essence, it can help increase the feeling of satiety, promote smooth bowel movement, enhance metabolism, and maintain a healthy physique.


Kakorot Tea

Exclusively selected the organically grown "No. 4 Hualien Kakorot" leaves, stems, and fruit that release heat, clean internal body, and help maintaining digestive functions. Kakorot's natural antioxidant traits give skin more youthful and healthy glow. It not only possesses the fragrance of kakorot tea, but also yields a refreshing and soothing feeling. Drinking it every day to effortlessly maintain and supplement your health.


Chinese Brake Herb: "An herb that offers the ultimate protection for the scalp. The best companion for men!"

Handling your hair is no longer by washing and drying, treating the scalp is essential! When your scalp is healthy, your entire body feels refreshed! No more awkward feelings when you’re dating, and yet, hair doesn't take vacations. The Mao Hair is the greatest weapon for men! Say no to any artificial and chemical-filled hair products, and go beyond the limitations of hats! You’ll be overwhelmed by the new stylish life by Mao Hair!


Hair Care Essence

Pure Plant Extract, Resembled Mao Hair
The Mission of Strength! Health! Abundance!
The mystery of plant extract of Mao Hair comes from the herb that are hidden in the earth. It gives the scalp a new wind of strength, and the magic of Mao Hair is irresistible!